Rethinking health

Barmenia Next Strategies (BNS) invests in digital business models for tomorrow's customer needs. Here, we act as a supporter of marketable models with our digital expertise from the insurance industry and the healthcare market.

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What we do

As BNS, we see it as our task to absorb impulses from the market. BNS participates in new promising business models, especially with a focus on health. As an early-stage investor, it is part of the Wuppertal-based insurance group Barmenia. Through early investments, BNS supports young companies financially and with know-how from the healthcare sector. However, our search focus is not limited to "Digital Health", but always open for exciting innovation that will benefit from our support.

Company Building

Together with our partners, we identify challenges and opportunities of tomorrow's insurance industry, develop innovative business models and spin them off as startups.

Venture Investment

We are looking for passionate startup teams that create value with their creative ideas and digital solutions in the insurance sector. Our investment sweet spot: startups in the pre-seed and seed phase.

About us

Barmenia: Thinking about tomorrow already today

As an independent insurance group with a nationwide reputation, Barmenia is an attractive partner for startups with innovative ideas. BNS assumes the role of cooperation and sparring partner.

crossbuilders: Idea factory and startup professionals

The company builder and VC expert crossbuilders supports BNS as a competent partner. The Cologne-based company brings years of expertise and a broad network in the startup and insurance environment and supports the operational activities of BNS around the financing and implementation of the ventures.


Together with these companies, we are rethinking health.

FIMO Health

The FIMO app is the everyday companion for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. FIMO wants to help patients better understand their disease and uses the app to measure and evaluate various influencing factors.

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Peers develops a platform for online group courses for stress and depressive moods. The specially developed matchmaking algorithm identifies like-minded people and curates group courses led by psychologists.

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Local Life

Local Life is a digital weekly market that specializes in regional, sustainable and healthy food. With the ambition of a full-range supplier, the startup plans to expand far beyond its founding location in Wuppertal.

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At a time when many people don’t find the time to conduct frequent health checks, HealthCaters offers a low-threshold solution that allows a holistic health screening within minutes, allowing employees to use the service in their employer’s office during a regular work day. With their modern HealthCases and app, the startup collects valuable "hard data" to evaluate the users' individual risks and recommends concrete health measures.

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Our team

Strategy and investment professionals

Dr. Jan Seidel and Steffen Ingignoli are long-time and experienced employees of Barmenia and lead BNS as managing directors. While Jan works as a business strategist, Steffen takes care of the "Alternative Investments" area at Barmenia. Both bring a broad network within and also outside Barmenia and are enthusiastic about the potential that digital business models promise, especially in the healthcare sector.

Digital experts

crossbuilders builds on many years of experience as a company builder and venture investor. The team around Ingo Küpper, Tizian Hoppen and Marnix Roes has been dedicated to early-stage investments in startups in the insurance, healthcare and tech segments, as well as some related areas, for many years.

What we offer

We are more than just a provider of capital - BNS provides all the resources a promising idea needs to emerge and take off.


Ideas and solutions find use cases with us and are further developed together


Direct link to Barmenia and integration into our broad partner network


Access to office space, developers, designers, and UX and online marketing experts


We support startups with initial seed investments of up to €500k and also intend to invest in follow-on rounds

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Whether founders or investors - BNS is always on the lookout for exciting ideas and strong partners.